Welcome to Prepared Foods by BeesKnees' website!   

We do all of our fresh cooking from Mon to Thu each week!  Get orders in early as we do run out of foods almost every week!   


To order online:  Click on the "SHOP" button for the dates you wish to order food.  Start your order.  Weekly menus will be open for ordering each week and the next week.  Pre-ordered foods (before noon on the Saturday before) will be guaranteed available.   Food ordered after Saturday or during our current week may require SUBSTITUTIONS, based on ingredient stock... pre-ordering is best!  


To PRINT our menus: Click the button to the left.  We will update "current and next menus" on Saturday afternoons for the following week.


Seasonal Specialties will be featured throughout the month as a separate menu.  If YOU have a favorite item each season, let us know and we can prepare it for you and all of our customers!!  (We can even prepare your favorite recipes or your heirloom recipes as a special treat!) 

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What's BeesKnees?


Weekly fresh foods may be ordered online.  Ordering for groups or parties requires an email or call.   (Special orders may require 24-48 hours to prepare.  Check in with us on your your order before your pick up, if needed. )

Email orders: preparedfoodsbybk@gmail.com

Phone orders:  770-591-4000


Our store is open for pick ups and quick shopping. 

  Mon, Fri, Sat:  10 am -3 pm   

Tue, Wed, Thu:  10 am - 6 pm


Delivery is available for a charge. 

Shipping is available for most bakery products.  

Payment Methods

Cash or check / Credit Cards /PayPal

Maureen Penniman

and her husband Graham

"Maureen and her staff were just great!   Our party fare was easy and fit the budget that I needed.  The food was delicious, beautiful and I even rented the serving pieces for a perfect "do it yourself" party.  So glad this is a shop in my neighborhood.  Definitely using again!! 

Shelly P.    December 2018